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Where Faith, Modesty

& Fitness Unite


Why Haraka Activewear?

Modesty Meets Movement

Breathable Fabric

Sweat Wicking

Modest Fits

Size Inclusive

At Haraka, we believe that faith, modesty, and fitness can beautifully

converge, empowering you to embrace an active lifestyle.

Our journey is rooted in a commitment to inspiring women to achieve their fitness goals without compromising modesty.

Explore our collection of thoughtfully designed activewear that embodies style, functionality, and a celebration of faith and modesty. Join us in creating a world where embracing your identity is synonymous with pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

About The Brand


Haraka began with a mother's love and a visionary dream. Zainab Masjide, the founder, embarked on a mission to provide a solution to a challenge she faced herself. As a devoted mother, Zainab wanted her daughter to grow up knowing that faith, modesty, and fitness can harmoniously coexist.

Facing the struggle of finding activewear aligned with her cultural and religious values, Zainab set out to create Haraka. The brand is not just about clothing; it's a testament to a mother's love and a commitment to fostering a world where women can embrace their faith while leading an active lifestyle.

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